We are craftsmen, we have been telling our story through our work since 1977.

Art is how we better the world and environment around us.
We create artworks that can embellish our homes and make them cosier, that remind us of the deep origins of our traditions, that gift us the emotion and uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship.

Our workshop is located in Nove (VI), the “City of Ceramics”. The ancient art of pottery has been practiced here since the 18th century, harnessing and developing the territory’s own resources.
We create pieces made of porcelain stoneware, a noble ceramic material that lends prestige and elegance to every one of our creations.
Years of research resulted in an exclusive, jealously kept formula, that allows us to mould a living and variable material, finished with a matte and monochromatic coat, which makes every Lineasette piece stand out and become immediately recognizable.

We use three natural elements – earth, water, and fire – to design and create a multitude of artefacts, we can bring any form to life.
Our experience and creativity allow us to shape the clay to create extraordinary artwork.
We strip the material of all that is superfluous and use soft and sinuous lines to create an essential and modern design.

Designers and Master Crafters, we are one big family!
We carry forward ancient traditions in new and contemporary forms.
Every day with our work we seek the Harmony of the composition, to express the Beauty that has always characterized our culture.