Advice on choosing the colour

• Colours convey emotions.
• The attraction we feel for an object is mainly influenced by its colour and finish.
• The choice of colour and the colour balance is important to give our environments an aesthetic balance.

The opaque, slightly rough, and monochromatic coating, distinctive of Lineasette, is an engobe (from the French “to cover with a layer of earth”) made of clay mixed with metal oxides and siliceous sands.
This coating gives each piece a rough dotted colouring with an elegant chiaroscuro effect, highlighting the shadows.

Lineasette’s Colour Scale includes variations of delicate tones, for an elegant and refined colour palette, with solutions for every environment.

Lineasette offers a palette of warm and cool tones.

It is advisable to keep in mind the colours already present in the environment that will host the object, when choosing the colour of the piece.

For a classic environment it is better to opt for warm colours; on the other hand, choose cold colours for a modern, bright environment, with great contrasts.

Let’s discover Lineasette’s palette and the main recommended combinations.

Timeless classics

These are timeless tones, timeless colours that we will always appreciate in any environment, modern or classic, because of their gentleness and unobtrusiveness.

Scent of the sea

If you love the smell of the sea and dream of diving into the deep blue, you should choose marine colours such as Blue, Ontario and India.

Creative combinations

If you are creative and looking for an original combination, unleash your imagination and choose bold colours. You should be daring, combining Milk with Lichen or Himalaya for a lively and playful contrast.

Natural Mood

If you love to get in touch with nature, connect with the primordial, imaginative and colourful elements that can regenerate us, and evoke the warm Mediterranean climate, choose Wheat, Rust, Lichen and Himalaya.

Can’t go wrong

Is your home still evolving or are you undecided about which colours to adopt?

Is your purchase a gift and you don’t know the person’s taste or the colours of their home?

Then choose light tones that do not condition the environment and that tie in with any material and finish. To make sure you don’t go wrong, choose the bright Milk white or the warmer Kaolin.