Cleaning and care

Many people ask us: “How do I clean a piece by Lineasette?”

Every piece by Lineasette is created using a prestigious ceramic material – porcelain stoneware.
Porcelain stoneware is composed of clays, kaolin, and feldspars fired at high temperatures (1200°C), which creates a final product of sublime technical and expressive qualities when compared to “traditional” ceramics.

Thanks to porcelain stoneware, cleaning your pieces is easy and affordable for everyone.

Porcelain stoneware is waterproof – every piece can be washed with water and a common detergent, and rubbed with a sponge. The piece can then be left to air dry, or it can be towel dried.

The rough surface of Lineasette’s pieces can accumulate some dust. In this case it is possible to dust the item with a soft sponge, a dishcloth or a soft bristle brush so that the item comes back clean.

Because of the important characteristics of porcelain stoneware, our vases can hold a nice bouquet of flowers and we can create decorative compositions in our centrepieces using liquids and perfumes, without any worry of ruining the art piece.

Different precautions are recommended for those articles that have gilded, wooden or metal inserts: these parts should not come into contact with water or abrasive materials, to prevent them from being damaged over time.

If these notes have not provided you with all the answers you were looking for, write to and we will help you resolve any doubts.